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                          the life of benson, alfred clayton
1900/04/18 to 1901/10/27 male no children
...date... age event
1900/--/-- -1 - american novelist theodore dreiser publishes his first novel sister carrie.
1900/--/-- -1 - an international force lifts the boxer siege of peking.
1900/--/-- -1 - british politician keir hardie helps to found the labour party.
1900/--/-- -1 - chinese nationalists besiege foreigners in peking during the boxer uprising.
1900/--/-- -1 - dutch physiologist willem einthoven invents the electrocardiograph.
1900/--/-- -1 - hawaii is made a u.s. territory; sanford dole serves as the first governor.
1900/--/-- -1 - hector guimard uses art nouveau designs for the entrances to the paris metro.
1900/--/-- -1 - humbert i is assassinated; he is succeeded by victor emanuel iii as king of italy.
1900/--/-- -1 - italian author gabriele d'annunzio publishes the flame of life. 1900/--/-- -1 - italian author gabriele d'annunzio publishes the flame of life.
1900/--/-- -1 - james j. jeffries beats jim corbett to retain the heavyweight boxing title.
1900/--/-- -1 - max planck formulates the quantum theory in physics.
1900/--/-- -1 - psychoanalyst sigmund freud publishes the interpretation of dreams.
1900/--/-- -1 - sir arthur evans begins the excavation of the minoan palace at knossos, crete.
1900/--/-- -1 - the boers begin a guerrilla war against the british occupation forces.
1900/--/-- -1 - the british defeat the boer (afrikaner) armies in south africa and occupy pretoria.
1900/--/-- -1 - the u.s. wins the first davis cup tennis contest.
1900/04/18 0 *** benson, alfred clayton - born to benson, william bradford alexander and omohundro, margaret (maggie)
1900/09/06 0 *** benson, lena may [1st cousin] - born to benson, richard james and speck, hortense (hortie) kelso, lincoln, tennessee
1901/--/-- 0 - a 39,000 year-old frozen mammoth is discovered in russia.
1901/--/-- 0 - a stele bearing the code of hammurabi is discovered in susa, iran.
1901/--/-- 0 - american surgeon walter reed proves that yellow fever is transmitted by mosquitoes.
1901/--/-- 0 - an american league of baseball is formed in competition to the national league.
1901/--/-- 0 - andrew carnegie sells his company and devotes himself to philanthropy.
1901/--/-- 0 - britain incorporates ashanti territory into the gold coast (ghana).
1901/--/-- 0 - english author beatrix potter publishes her children's book the tale of peter rabbit.
1901/--/-- 0 - guglielmo marconi tests radio transmissions between england and newfoundland.
1901/--/-- 0 - king c. gillette founds the american safety razor company.
1901/--/-- 0 - pres. mckinley shot by anarchist
1901/--/-- 0 - president mckinley is assassinated by the anarchist leon czolgosz.
1901/--/-- 0 - queen victoria dies; she is succeeded by her son edward vii.
1901/--/-- 0 - russia occupies manchuria in north-east china.
1901/--/-- 0 - sergei rachmaninoff writes his second piano concerto.
1901/--/-- 0 - sir edward elgar composes the first of his five pomp and circumstance marches.
1901/--/-- 0 - spanish painter pablo picasso's blue period begins.
1901/--/-- 0 - temperance advocate carry nation uses a hatchet to attack a kansas saloon.
1901/--/-- 0 - the commonwealth of australia is founded.
1901/--/-- 0 - the first u.s. national bowling tournament is held.
1901/--/-- 0 - theodore roosevelt (republican) becomes president of the united states
1901/--/-- 0 - theodore roosevelt is inaugurated as the 26th u.s. president.
1901/--/-- 0 - victor l. berger and eugene v. debs help found the american socialist party.
1901/01/02 0 - edward vii succeeds as king of great britain and ireland.
1901/10/27 1 *** benson, alfred clayton - died

in 1900 transportation was by:

in 1900 communications was by:
          word of mouth
          post office
by 1901 communications was by:
in addition.

in 1900 food preparation was by:

in 1900 entertainment was by:
          social intercourse
          organized sports
          professional sports
          theme parks

in 1900 health care was by:

in 1900 war making was by:
          machine guns
          iron clad ships

in 1900 navigation was by:
          stars & maps

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