Benson, Alcie Mae, - F 1930/10/31

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History of: Benson, Alcie Mae
Family and Social Relationships of: Benson, Alcie Mae
Ancestor and descendent family tree of: Benson, Alcie Mae

Paternal Grandfather: Benson, Richard James - M 1870/10/22
Paternal Grandmother: Speck, Hortense (Hortie) - F 1872/02/08
Father: Benson, Richard Oscar - M 1898/10/22
Mother: Little, Alice Bessie - F 1892/12/23
Maternal Grandfather: Little, Nicholas Oleslon - M 1857/10/09
Maternal Grandmother: Benson, Eliza Frances - F 1865/08/25
Date of birth: 1930/10/31
Place of birth: Brownfield, Terry, Texas
Date of death: 1930/11/13
Cause of death: Brownfield, Terry, Texas
Place of death: Brownfield, Terry, Texas
Place interred: Brownfield, Terry, Texas

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 Alcie Mae died of bronchial pneumonia when only 14 days old  Her brother, 
Clyde, said he knows her name was Alice, not Alcie.  It is  spelled Alice in 
the newspaper obituary; however, her funeral brochure spells  her name Alcie.  
Clyde is trying to get birth records to see how it was  spelled there (Oct. 8, 
2006).  The baby had an Aunt Alcie but the mother was  Alice.  Who knows?  Her 
obituary was written by Mrs. G. W. Hardin, a friend & neighbor of Bessie's

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History of: Benson, Alcie Mae

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