Benson, Eliza Frances, - F 1865/08/25

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History of: Benson, Eliza Frances
Family and Social Relationships of: Benson, Eliza Frances
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Paternal Grandfather: Benson, William Marion - M 1814/--/--
Paternal Grandmother: Calloway, Emaranda Holloway or - F 1821/--/--
Father: Benson, Willis Daniel - M 1837/08/16
Mother: Faulkner, Louisa Jane - F 1840/01/10
Maternal Grandfather: Faulkner, William Alexander - M 1797/--/--
Maternal Grandmother: Bolton, Ellen - F 1798/--/--
Date of birth: 1865/08/25
Place of birth: After husband died, Eliza went to Tenn.
Date of death: 1942/12/29
Cause of death: Lived there about 7 years.
Place of death: Lived there about 7 years.
Place interred: Tenn.
Spouse: Little, Nicholas Oleslon - M 1857/10/09 - --00/--/-- to --00/--/-- -

Children: 6


Grandchildren: 20


Primary profession or occupation:

Farm wife

Important dates:


 Eliza & husband, bought a hotel in railroad town, Truscott, Texas, no autos in 
 Truscott.  Their daughters helped mom serve food to the lodgers but  Ora would 
sneak off about noontime to run down to the depot to see who got  off the 
train.  Her mom & Bessie didn't like it that she shirked her duty.  Had hotel, 
renamed Benson Hotel,about 1907-1909.  They then bought  a farm at Gulliland, 
TX.  That's where Bessie lived when she married her  cousin, Richard Oscar 
Benson. In 1957 hotel still there & well kept.

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History of: Benson, Eliza Frances

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