Benson, girl Stillborn, - F 1935/07/19

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History of: Benson, girl Stillborn
Family and Social Relationships of: Benson, girl Stillborn
Ancestor and descendent family tree of: Benson, girl Stillborn

Paternal Grandfather: Benson, Richard James - M 1870/10/22
Paternal Grandmother: Speck, Hortense (Hortie) - F 1872/02/08
Father: Benson, Richard Oscar - M 1898/10/22
Mother: Little, Alice Bessie - F 1892/12/23
Maternal Grandfather: Little, Nicholas Oleslon - M 1857/10/09
Maternal Grandmother: Benson, Eliza Frances - F 1865/08/25
Date of birth: 1935/07/19
Place of birth: Brownfield, Terry, Texas

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 There has been some question about the date of this child's birth.  Her  
father, Oscar, in a letter dated July 30, 1935 told his mother that Bessie  had 
the baby "last Friday morning".  The Benson children have always said  that 
their mother lived about 15 days after the birth of her last child.  Two  
Fridays before Oscar's letter was written would have been Friday, July 19th.  
The birth was difficult & the doctors had to turn the baby & bring her feet  
first; she was born dead and Bessie probably got an infection. No anti-biotics

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History of: Benson, girl Stillborn

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