Benson, Marvin McKinley, - M 1910/03/01

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History of: Benson, Marvin McKinley
Family and Social Relationships of: Benson, Marvin McKinley
Ancestor and descendent family tree of: Benson, Marvin McKinley

Paternal Grandfather: Benson, Willis Daniel - M 1837/08/16
Paternal Grandmother: Faulkner, Louisa Jane - F 1840/01/10
Father: Benson, William Bradford Alexander - M 1868/03/02
Mother: Omohundro, Margaret (Maggie) - F ----/--/--
Date of birth: 1910/03/01
Place of birth: New Market, Alabama

Primary profession or occupation:

Helped pick cotton

Important dates:


 Marvin moved from Tennessee to Texas and stayed for a while in the Truscott  
area.  He liked to visit his cousin, Richard Oscar Benson, who had moved to  
Brownfield, TX with his family.  Per Clyde Benson, Sr. in discussion with  
Vangie Benson on 10/8/2006 about a letter written in 1934 by his mother,  
Bessie Little Benson.

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History of: Benson, Marvin McKinley

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