Faulkner, Louisa Jane, - F 1840/01/10

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History of: Faulkner, Louisa Jane
Family and Social Relationships of: Faulkner, Louisa Jane
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Father: Faulkner, William Alexander - M 1797/--/--
Mother: Bolton, Ellen - F 1798/--/--
Date of birth: 1840/01/10
Place of birth: Smithland, Lincoln, TN
Date of death: 1908/08/03
Cause of death: Kelso, Lincoln, TN
Place of death: Kelso, Lincoln, TN
Place interred: Benson Cemetery
Spouse: Benson, Willis Daniel - M 1837/08/16 - 1861/04/01 to --00/--/-- -

Children: 10


Grandchildren: 27


Primary profession or occupation:

Farm wife

Important dates:


Buried on "Old Homeplace", believed to be owned by grandaughter, Maude (Benson  
  This is on the hill just east of Kelso, TN, on the right of U.S. Highway 64,  
  going east.  As of 1 Mar 1977 the old home still stood.

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History of: Faulkner, Louisa Jane

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