Social, Family, and Historical Relationships database FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is this web site?
It is a site of over 4000 pages produced by a computer program, SFHR, written by Duane Bristow of Albany, Kentucky to build a database of information about people?
Why so many pages?
The program produces one to three web pages for each person in the database and at the time of this writing the database contains information on about 1600 individuals.
What kind of information is kept in the database?
Relationships among individuals, social, family, and historical, as well as for each person, name, sex, birth and death dates, profession, places of birth, death, and interment, pictures, documents, videos, education, physical characteristics, contact data, education and work history, life history and significant events in life and can also include health and financial histories. It also can include research notes and sources for the information.
What is the structure of the web site?
It begins with an index page which contains links to other pages about the subject and links to interesting pages on the site showing how various data is handled by the system as well as history pages for three centuries and for twelve decades and birthday and anniversary lists. The index page also lists all the individual people in the database identified by name, sex and birth date. These names are listed first alphabetically and then by date of birth. The index page and each individual page are fully linked so that if you go to one page and find, for instance, a name of a father or spouse or friend of a person, you can click on that name to go to that person's page.
What is the best way to navigate this web site then?
You can start with the index and either browse to find what you are interested in or use your browser's find function to find a name of a person. Click on the link to that page to discover information about that person and then click on other links from there to follow relationship lines. Each page has a link to return to the index or use your browsers back function to return the way you came.
Why are there one to three pages for each individual?
The first page is the main page for the person showing immediate ancestors back to grandparents and descendents to grandchildren as well as social relationships. education, profession or life description, important events in life and notes, documents, pictures, audio and video, if available. It also shows physical descriptions and contact information. The main page may have links to pages showing the ancestor and descendent tree of the individual and a web of family and social relationships. It also will probably have a link to the history of the individual's life showing for each year of his age what happened in his family and to his friends and aquaintances and in national and world history giving an overview of the course of his life from birth to death.
Why was this computer program developed?
Because for the first 25 or 30 years of his life Duane Bristow had collected and been given much genealogical information and it was kept as a collection of papers in boxes and envelopes. In that format it was hard to analyse and find relationships so he wrote the program as a way of organizing such information and then, when the internet developed, expanded the program to produce web pages as well as written reports.
How often are the web pages updated?
As I receive new information I update the database and then when I have a number of updates I generate new web pages and put them on the internet. It takes about half an hour to generate new web pages and about two to three hours to upload all the new pages to the internet, so I usually only update the web site once every month or two unless large amounts of new information are received at once.
Tell me more about the SFHR computer program?
See the description here

Last revised 11/17/12.