SFHR Computer Program

Social, Family, and Historical Relationships

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Individual's Social, Family, and Historical Relationships Program (SFHR)
        By Duane Bristow - November 1994 - Version 1.0

SFHR is an expanded and more relevant computer program than standard
genealogy programs.  It emphasizes relationships of the individual,
social, family, and historical, rather than family trees.  Five 
generation family trees are, however, a subset of this program.

Planned but not implemented are expansion of the SFHR database 
to include, for each individual, medical and financial databases 
as well as DNA mapping significant markers.  The medical 
database would include dates and places of medical diagnoses and 
procedures.  The financial database would include dates, 
amounts, vendors, and descriptions of all financial transactions 
affecting the individual's net worth.  This would enable a 
personal history to include medical conditions and net worth 
changes at each time period of a person's life.  It also would 
enable cross references of medical, social, financial and DNA 
relationships among individuals.  Also planned is UPD - 
Universal Person Database Index - to find the same person in 
different databases. 

Reports on individuals and groups include history reports, data sheets,
and narrative reports.  Global history reports are also available.
The system includes consistency checks, global text searches, research
reports, GEDCOM import & export and html export.

Includes space for:
Family - Great Grandparents           Technological progress in:            
         Grandparents                          Transportation               
         Great Uncles & Aunts                  Communications               
         1st cousins once removed              Food Preparation             
         2nd cousins                           Entertainment                
         Parents                               Health Care                  
         Adoptive parents                      News                         
         Uncles & Aunts                        War Making                   
         1st cousins                           Navigation                   
         1st cousins once removed              Business Computation         
         Siblings                              Construction           
         Nieces & Nephews                      Payments               
         Great Nieces & Nephews                & up to 19 others      
         Spouses                      History - Sports                 
         Children                               Politics               
         Grandchildren                          War                    
         Great Grandchildren                    States admission       
Social Relations - Lovers                       Countries created      
                   Friends                      Inventions & technology
                   Acquaintances                Deaths                 
                   Coworkers                    Space                  
                   Business Associates          Arts                   
                   Clients & Customers          America                
                   Professionals                England                
                   Tradesmen                    China                  
                   Politicians                  Africa                 
                   & up to 21 others            & up to 17 others      
And on each individual person:
        Full name, sex, birth and death date, and profession
        Place of birth, death, and interment
        Family and social relations
        Links to pictures and sound as well as documents, videos
                 and application programs
        Physical characteristics and contact data
        Life history including dates, places, and incidents such as:
                Places of residence
                Churches and schools attended
                Work history & military service
                Health & illnesses
                Any other significant events
        Custom fields and flags
        And for each item above, notes, sources, research notes & documents

The program allows for 5 custom fields and 15 custom flags.

A custom field can be described by the user and allows text entry up to 160
characters.  For instance I have defined custom field 1 as email address.

A custom flag allows one number or letter entry.
These would be as defined by the user.
Examples might include such things as:
        political party  R,D,I for example
        church affiliation C,P,B,H,J for example
        hair color 1,2,3,4,5 for example
        physical affliction
        highest education level reached
        or any other.

The program also allows the user to set one person's record as
the primary record and then to set relationship levels to that person
for all other people in the database.  A relationship level includes
a number showing degrees of separation from the primary individual 
and a letter showing types of relationship.

        The primary individual is relationship level 1
        Directly connected to him are his father and mother
        his spouse and other social relations and his
        children.  These are level 2.
        People directly connected to them are level 3.
        Thus a sibling is level 3 because a sibling is 
        connected to the primary through common parents.

        There are five types of relationship.
                A - direct ancestor
                D - direct descendent
                S - spousal relationships including spouses
                    and people related to them.
                F - friends or social relationships including
                    people related to them.
                R - other relatives which primarily means
                    siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins

Creation of web pages by the program can be limited to those individuals
with specified types of relationships and/or up to a specific level.

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