Standing Timber for Sale - Bid Information

Bristow Farms, Inc. is offering about 160,000 board feet doyle scale of timber in about 600 marked trees on about 30 acres located on the East side of Sewell mountain off highway 350 in Clinton County Kentucky. Timber will be sold by sealed bids to be opened on December 20, 2006. Timber marking and full bid information is below. Timber showing by appointment.
Bids must be received at:
        Bristow Farms, Inc.
        Albany, Kentucky  42602
by 10:00 am on the morning of December 20, 2006. Bids should include the total amount bid for the marked trees, name and contact information for the bidder and whether the bidder is willing to use animals rather than mechanized equipment to remove trees or logs from the woods. Bidders using animals will be given a $3,000 advantage over other bidders.

Bristow Farms will open the bids after 10:00 am announcing only the highest bid and bidder. Bristow Farms reserves the right to reject any and all bids. If all bids are rejected timber may be sold by hiring someone to cut, skid, buck, load and haul the logs to buyers within a 50 mile radius of the timber location. Any bidder who wishes to be considered for this should include a price per thousand board feet for this job with his timber bid.

The buyer will be expected to pay 10% of the bid on the day of the bid opening as good faith money and to pay the rest of the bid amount to Bristow Farms within 10 days with the understanding that a timber sale contract will be signed when the full amount is paid. It should also be understood that the good faith money will be forfeited if the full amount of the bid is not paid to Bristow Farms within the ten day period. The winning bidder will be given one year from the signing date of the contract to cut and remove the marked timber from the woodland.

The buyer will also be expected to put an additional 10% of the bid amount into escrow on the day of the contract signing as a deposit on fulfillment of the contract. This money may either be held by Bristow Farms or by any local attorney accepted by the buyer and by Bristow Farms. If the money is held in escrow by an attorney, the buyer will be expected to pay all attorney and escrow fees.

When the buyer has finished removing the timber the escrow money is to be returned to the buyer provided that the buyer has fulfilled the following conditions:

If anything on the above list is not done properly the escrow money may be used by the seller to complete the job and any money left will then be returned to the buyer.

589 trees have been marked with the following estimated timber volumes.

Species         # of     doyle Vol.    doyle Vol.    doyle Vol.    doyle Vol.
                Trees    grade 1       grade 2       grade 3       total     
Chestnut Oak      123     16,656        15,378         5,515         37,549
Hard Maple        137     11,854        15,661         4,631         32,146
Black Walnut        2        402           277           375          1,054
White Ash           6        933           679           274          1,886
White Oak          16      2,819         2,517           813          6,149
Yellow Poplar      33      4,959         5,122         3,915         13,995
Hickory            79      6,795         8,749         3,891         19,435
Red & Black Oak    53      8,234         7,798         2,870         18,902
other hardwoods   140     12,126        12,470         5,128         29,724
(includes beech, black gum, soft maple)
Totals            589                                               160,841
26 trees have been marked as culls.

Grade 1 is a tree with a 16 foot butt log with 3 clear faces at least 16 
inches in diameter inside bark at the small end. 

Grade 2 is a tree with a 16 foot butt log with 2 clear faces at least 13
inches in diameter inside bark at the small end or a second log on a tree with 
a grade 1 butt log.

Grade 3 is all other merchantable logs.

Marked trees have one yellow paint spot breast high and another below stump height.
Cull trees have only one yellow paint spot below stump height.
All numbers provided here are based on measurements and estimates and are not in any way guaranteed or represented as correct for purposes of this timber sale. Each bidder is encouraged to look at the marked trees and to make his own estimates of volume, quality, and value on which to base his bid amount.

Each marked tree's diameter breast high (4 1/2 feet above the ground on the uphill side) was measured to the nearest 1/10 inch by use of a diameter tape and number of merchantable 16 foot logs in the tree and the tree grade was estimated. Then a computer formulation of Mesavage and Girard form class tree volume tables was used to calculate tree volumes by doyle scale. Volumes were reduced by 10% to allow for any unseen defect. Form class 78 was assumed for all species except yellow poplar and beech. Form class 82 was used for beech and form class 84 for yellow poplar.
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