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FREE 4-day Course to Boost Your Email List by 554%... Organically Potential earnings: While you won't be able to get hard cash for your reviews, Amazon "pays" Vine Voice reviewers with a free or discounted product to review.

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Krebs worked with Hao Nguyen, the developer of, to track the accounts behind the phony extensions and reviews. "Like an ever-expanding Venn diagram, a review of the extensions commented on by each new fake reviewer found led to the discovery of even more phony reviewers and extensions," Krebs writes. "In total, roughly 24 hours worth of digging through unearthed more than 100 positive reviews on a network of patently fraudulent extensions."

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"Amazon did not 'give' us PTO--we took our PTO from Amazon's greedy hands," wrote the workers in a Medium post Sunday. "We went up against the wealthiest man in the world and we won." When they confronted their managers with their demand and the stated policy, the group wrote, the management "gave us all sorts of excuses saying 'this policy doesn't apply to y'all because you're part-time workers' despite the policy stating that associates who regularly work over 20 hours, like us, get PTO. Then management claimed that we don't get PTO because we're 'Class Q employees' which we had never heard of before."

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