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doesn't say "send money" can i get paid from amazon kindle without confirming my paypal account?

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Complete Guide To Identify Fake Reviews On Amazon Note: Any identifying methods below can't individually confirm a review is fake. You must combine them to confirm if the review is fake or genuine.

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I just returned a few items from Amazon at kohl's as this is the closest Amazon return place for me. They usually give either a $5 Kohl's cash or a 25% off coupon with the return confirmation which is always a bonus. They did a couple items and then one of my items had an error on the machine so the Kohl's employee needed to print out the returns confirmation before continuing to the rest of the items. This printed out a 25% off coupon with it. We then went through the last two items I had on another return confirmation. This printed off a $5 kohl's cash coupon with the return confirmation. The employee then ripped it off, put the $5 kohls cash down below the counter, and only gave me the return confirmation. They even went through the hassle of stapling the two return confirmations together which was nice but it was weird. It was almost too smooth like they have done this before and if I wasn't paying attention, I never would have noticed this. Employee took my kohl's cash from an Amazon return

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How to Become an Amazon Locker Host On the other hand, if you have a business which sells any of the items Amazon sells, as was the case with Staples and Best Buy, it is not going to be a good fit.

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