Grider, Charles Scott, - M 1960/09/24

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History of: Grider, Charles Scott
Family and Social Relationships of: Grider, Charles Scott
Ancestor and descendent family tree of: Grider, Charles Scott

Father: Grider, Charles Roy - M 1937/06/19
Mother: Booher, Virginia Kaye - F 1939/08/01
Maternal Grandfather: Booher, Benjamin Horace - M 1907/04/25
Maternal Grandmother: Duvall, Mary Severn Ross - F 1897/09/23
Date of birth: 1960/09/24
Place of birth: Yuma, Yuma, Arizona
Spouse: Bell, Marketta - F 1961/07/27 - 1982/08/01 to --00/--/-- -

Children: 3


Primary profession or occupation:

Vice Pres Monticello Bank

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History of: Grider, Charles Scott

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