Wood, Reuben Bayless, - M 1805/01/22

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History of: Wood, Reuben Bayless
Family and Social Relationships of: Wood, Reuben Bayless
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Paternal Grandfather: Wood, Samuel - M 1737/05/02
Paternal Grandmother: Reives, Sarah (Wood) - F 1747/10/13
Father: Wood, Thomas - M 1779/08/25
Mother: Bayless, Mary (Wood) - F 1777/10/25
Maternal Grandfather: Bayless, Reuben - M 1754/--/--
Maternal Grandmother: Lucas, Margaret - F 1751/--/--
Date of birth: 1805/01/22
Place of birth: Cumberland County , Kentucky
Date of death: 1861/12/04
Cause of death: Killed by Guerrillas during the Civil War.
Place of death: Clinton County, Kentucky
Place interred: Irwin Cem. Clinton County Kentucky
Spouse: Gibbons, Elizabeth (Wood) - F 1803/01/22 - 1828/02/03 to --00/--/-- -

Children: 4


Grandchildren: 6


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 Reuben Wood was murdered by the Confederate Gorilla, Champ Ferguson who  
killed over 100 men because he perceived them as enemies because they had  
chosen to side with the North (President Lincoln) during the Civil War.  Reuben 
was the great uncle of Mary (Ewing) Booher who told this story many  times to 
her children.  Champ Ferguson was hanged in Nashville after being  tried for 
the murder of 23 people of whom Reuben Wood was no. 5 in the  indictment.  Book 
about it was "Champ Ferguson, A Confederate Gorilla"
The killing of Reuben Wood

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History of: Wood, Reuben Bayless

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