Anderson, David, - M 1960/01/08

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History of: Anderson, David
Family and Social Relationships of: Anderson, David
Ancestor and descendent family tree of: Anderson, David

Father: Anderson, Max - M ----/--/--
Mother: Carter, Martha Ann - F 1937/10/30
Maternal Grandfather: Carter, Earl - M 1912/01/28
Maternal Grandmother: Booher, Mable Imogene - F 1916/09/08
Date of birth: 1960/01/08
Place of birth:

Children: 2


Primary profession or occupation:

Pro Baseball Player

Important dates:


 David Played 9 years as shortstop for LA Dodgers, wearing jersey No. 12  
Played 1 year with San Francisco Giants  Manager for the Toledo Mudhens AAA 
Team, with Detroit Farm Teams earlier  Resigned as Manager for Toledo in 2000 
to become Head Baseball Coach at his  alma mater, University of Memphis (TN).

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History of: Anderson, David

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