Bagby, John Arthur, Jr. - M 1762/05/25

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History of: Bagby, John Arthur
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Father: Bagby, John Arthur - M 1737/--/--
Mother: Morris, Theodocia - F 1738/--/--
Date of birth: 1762/05/25
Place of birth: Hanover, Louisa, Virginia
Date of death: 1834/11/17
Cause of death: Glasgow, Barren County, KY
Place of death: Glasgow, Barren County, KY
Place interred: Wm. Rogers cem. Barren County KY
Spouse: Davis, Matilda - F 1773/11/09 - 1792/12/20 to --00/--/-- -

Children: 9


Grandchildren: 9


Primary profession or occupation:

Sgt. in Revolutionary War

Important dates:


 Ralph Booher said the May 17, 1762 date is on John's tombstone.  John A. 
Bagby, Jr. enlisted in the Revolutionary War in the fall of 1778 and   was then 
living in Louisa County, Virginia. He drew a pension which began on   March 4, 
1831 with certificate issued Jan. 26, 1833.  John & Matilda lived in Virginia 
until 1817, then moved to Barren County, KY.  John was a sergeant in the Rev. 
War & was discharged in 1781.

Physical Characteristics:


Pictures and videos:

John Bagby's will

John Arthur Bagby Jr's house in Barren County


History of: Bagby, John Arthur

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