Franklin, Martha, - F 1846/--/--

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History of: Franklin, Martha
Family and Social Relationships of: Franklin, Martha
Ancestor and descendent family tree of: Franklin, Martha

Father: Franklin, George - M ----/--/--
Date of birth: 1846/--/--
Place of birth: Wayne County, Kentucky, taken from her
Date of death: 1876/--/--
Cause of death: Wayne County, Kentucky
Place of death: Wayne County, Kentucky
Place interred: a narrow winding road in Wayne County KY
Spouse: Stephenson, Leander Jacob - M 1832/04/11 - --00/03/-- to --00/--/-- -

Children: 1


Grandchildren: 16


Primary profession or occupation:


Important dates:


 Porter Booher & John Clarence Choate put a tombstone on their grandmother's   
(Martha Franklin's) grave.  Martha had her last child (Frelia Clementine)  
possibly by Capt. Leander Stephenson of Monticello, Wayne County, Ky. She gave  
her the last name of Choate even though her husband (Choate) had left home.

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History of: Franklin, Martha

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