Booher, Robert Chester, - M 1896/12/30

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History of: Booher, Robert Chester
Family and Social Relationships of: Booher, Robert Chester
Ancestor and descendent family tree of: Booher, Robert Chester

Paternal Grandfather: Boils, Sevier - M 1828/--/--
Paternal Grandmother: Booher, Jane - F 1842/--/--
Father: Booher, George Washington - M 1860/08/18
Mother: Choate, Frelia Clementine - F 1868/05/30
Maternal Grandfather: Stephenson, Leander Jacob - M 1832/04/11
Maternal Grandmother: Franklin, Martha - F 1846/--/--
Date of birth: 1896/12/30
Place of birth: Albany, Clinton, Kentucky
Date of death: 1918/09/28
Cause of death: Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Place of death: Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Place interred: Albany, Clinton, Kentucky

Primary profession or occupation:

US Army

Important dates:


 Called (Chester) was wounded in the battle of Argonne Forest in France, WW1  
Brought to hospital in Mass. His father G.W. Booher & 2 brothers  went  to see 
him and found him recovering.  After they left him he was  moved to another 
hospital (Boston City) to make room for other patients and  he developed 
pneumonia & died before his relatives got back to Kentucky.  They had to go 
back to Boston by horse and wagon to pick up his body.  Duty in Co. M 18th

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History of: Booher, Robert Chester

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