Booher, Samuel Porter, - M 1888/11/14

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History of: Booher, Samuel Porter
Family and Social Relationships of: Booher, Samuel Porter
Ancestor and descendent family tree of: Booher, Samuel Porter

Paternal Grandfather: Boils, Sevier - M 1828/--/--
Paternal Grandmother: Booher, Jane - F 1842/--/--
Father: Booher, George Washington - M 1860/08/18
Mother: Choate, Frelia Clementine - F 1868/05/30
Maternal Grandfather: Stephenson, Leander Jacob - M 1832/04/11
Maternal Grandmother: Franklin, Martha - F 1846/--/--
Date of birth: 1888/11/14
Place of birth: Albany, Clinton, Kentucky
Date of death: 1984/08/16
Cause of death: Albany, Clinton, Kentucky
Place of death: Albany, Clinton, Kentucky
Place interred: Memorial Hill Cemetery, Clinton Cty, KY
Spouse: Guffey, Myrtie Elma - F 1892/08/14 - 1910/11/10 to --00/--/-- -

Children: 4


Grandchildren: 6


Primary profession or occupation:

Farmer & Teacher

Important dates:


 Uncle Porter gave his nephew, Ralph Booher, some of the information about the  
 Booher family geneology and it has been included in this Brothers Keeper   
file.  Porter got very deaf in his old age and his wife was blind so they   
depended some on their daughters who lived close by.  While Porter's brother,  
Wellie, was teaching at Hidalgo, KY, Porter had the renouned gunsmith, Wyatt  
Atkins, make him a gun.  Wellie wrote Porter who came on his horse & picked up  
his new gun--cost $10. Atkins' tools now in Smithsonian. Porter was very kind.

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History of: Booher, Samuel Porter

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