Bayless, John, - M 1617/--/--

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History of: Bayless, John
Family and Social Relationships of: Bayless, John
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Father: Bayless, Daniel - M 1566/--/--
Date of birth: 1617/--/--
Place of birth: Norwich, Norfolk, England
Date of death: 1682/12/13
Cause of death: Rose Row, Long Island, Nassau Co, NY
Place of death: Rose Row, Long Island, Nassau Co, NY
Place interred: also Jamaica, Long Island, NY
Spouse: Stillwell, Rebecca - F 1621/--/-- - 1641/03/12 to --00/--/-- -

Children: 11


Grandchildren: 1


Important dates:


 He sailed from England to Burmuda on ship named Truelove on June 10, 1635 as   
indentured servant of William Wells of Norwich.  Wells was 17 & John 18 yrs.   
Truelove reached Boston in 1635 - first records of John are from First   Church 
of Southold, Long Island, showing he lived there prior to 1654.   Probably now 
out of debt to Wm. Wells.  Sept 26, 1664 he was part of a group   of Long 
Islanders who petitioned the Gov. of the Colony of New Jersey to buy   land in 
NJ from the Staten Island Indians.

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History of: Bayless, John

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