Little, Nicholas Oleslon, - M 1857/10/09

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History of: Little, Nicholas Oleslon
Family and Social Relationships of: Little, Nicholas Oleslon
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Father: Little, David - M ----/--/--
Date of birth: 1857/10/09
Place of birth: Petersburg, Lincoln, TN
Date of death: 1926/03/17
Cause of death: Brownfield, Terry, Texas
Place of death: Brownfield, Terry, Texas
Place interred: Brownfield, Terry, Texas
Spouse: Benson, Eliza Frances - F 1865/08/25 - --00/--/-- to --00/--/-- -

Children: 6


Grandchildren: 20


Primary profession or occupation:

Farmer & hotel owner

Important dates:


 Per Clyde Little Benson, Sr., Nicholas (Nick Little) was in his field in   
Texas plowing when someone noticed that the horses were standing in the same   
place for a long time and went out to see why.  Nick was dead and leaning up   
against his plow.  The horses had waited patiently. Per Durley Lowrey  
Alexander, 6/17/02, Nicholas had taken out his false teeth and put them in  his 
pocket.  Found by someone, possibly Richard Oscar Benson.  Nick's  spouse - 
Eliza Frances Benson Little became impossible to live with.

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History of: Little, Nicholas Oleslon

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