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Paternal Grandfather: Bristow, Ballard - M 1817/05/27
Paternal Grandmother: Stockton, Mariah (Bristow) - F 1813/12/08
Father: Bristow, Jesse Leven - M 1846/09/06
Mother: Littrell, Lois Vianne (Bristow) - F 1849/06/09
Maternal Grandfather: Littrell, Emmanuel S. - M 1823/10/05
Maternal Grandmother: Koger, Rachel (Littrell) - F 1824/05/14
Date of birth: 1877/11/04
Place of birth:
Date of death: 1944/--/--
Cause of death:
Place of death:
Place interred:
Spouse: Williams, Vinnie V. (Bristow) - F ----/--/-- - 1900/01/07 to ----/--/-- - Married in Burkesville, KY

Children: 3


Grandchildren: 6


Primary profession or occupation:

Doctor in Stanton, Texas

Important dates:


A letter from Prentice to his brother, Samuel William, in Kentucky.

                               P.M. BRISTOW, M.D.
                                 STANTON, TEXAS
                                  MAY 18, 1930

        Dear Brother and Family;

            No doubt you will be surprised to get a letter from me but I 
        am coming with one anyway.
            I am back at the office after a rather hard pull, and am 
        making a living.
            We had planned to see you again this summer; but owing to 
        the misfortune of having to be operated on, and it has left me 
        in such a condition that I will not be able to stand the trip, 
        we have been forced to give up the idea.
            I think under these conditions that you should come to Texas 
        this summer and see what there is out here.  The roads are fine 
        and a camping trip will be really beneficial to you both, so why 
        not take a few weeks off and rest and recuperate and you will go 
        home feeling that you are far better off by having had a real 
        vacation.  You can let the boys look after things for you.
            You must remember that you only live once, and when you die 
        you will leave it all here as none of it will go with you.
            It will be several weeks before my wound heals, and it has 
        to be dressed daily.  so I am compelled to stay around home.
            Hoping to hear from you soon I am as ever your same old Bud.



            I am sending you some letters you might be interested in.

                                    Office of 
                                  J. E. BRISTOW
                             OIL AND MINING OPERATOR
                                  305 S. Bishop
                                San Angelo, Texas
                                 April 17, 1930

        Mr. P. M. Bristow
        Stanton, Texas

        Dear Sir:

            In reply to your letter, I will say that I feel like I am 
        kin to all the world.  Since seeing the fuss that was put up 
        about my kidnapping in Mexico, I ahve a kindly feeling for 
        everyone.  I am happy to be loose, happy to receive your letter.  
        I haven't the slightest douby that we are related.  My father 
        was Jackson Bristow who was born in Clinton County, Kentucky.  I 
        was born on the line between Kentucky and Tennessee in the 
        foothills of the Cumberland Mountains.  My father's father was 
        Frank Bristow who was the son of Eleven Bristow.  Eleven Bristow 
        was born in Virginia, migrated to Kentucky in early days.  We 
        are of English descent, related to Joseph H. Bristow who was 
        former Senator from Kansas and who has the history of the family 
        tree as far back as the 16th century, but, I only know that we 
        are descendents from an early English settlement in Virginia, 
        then to Kentucky.  My father came to the Indian Territory in 
        1884 and I was raised among the Indians and did not realize my 
        danger in Mexico.  Would like to visit you some day.  I am a 
        graduate on the University of Arkansas, Medical Department.  I 
        practiced medicine ten years.  I was admitted to the Bar in 
        Oklahoma in 1909.  Held many offices in Oklahoma.  Engaged in 
        the oil business in 1916, now live at 305 South Bishop, San 
        Angelo, Texas.

                                                Respectfully yours, 

                                                J. E. Bristow

                                    Office of 
                                  J. E. BRISTOW
                             OIL AND MINING OPERATOR
                                  305 S. BISHOP
                                SAN ANGELO, TEXAS
                                 APRIL 25, 1930

        Dr. P.M. Bristow 
        Stanton, Texas

        Dear Doctor:

            I was glad to get your letter.  I realize that you are the 
        son of my Father's Cousin and I remember your father very well, 
        although I was a very small child.  He visited our home and I 
        have the honor of being named after him.  My first name is 
        Jesse and my father's name was Jackson Bristow, who taught 
        school at Lettered Oaks, Kentucky.  I think your father either 
        taught at the same place before him, or just after him.  My 
        Great Grandfather, who was also your Great Grandfather, I 
        remember visited us once when I was just a very small child.  He 
        had what I thought to be a very fine walking cane.  He gave this 
        to my Grandfather, Frank Bristow, who lived at Willow Grove.

            I have some oil property up near Big Spring, Texas, and I am 
        going up in a few days to look it over, and it will give me 
        great pleasure to drive down to Stanton and have a visit with 
        you.  I have your identity perfectly fixed.

                                                Respectfully yours,

                                                J. E. Bristow

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History of: Bristow, Prentice Marshall

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