Lafever, Gary Leroy, - M 1949/06/06

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History of: Lafever, Gary Leroy
Family and Social Relationships of: Lafever, Gary Leroy
Ancestor and descendent family tree of: Lafever, Gary Leroy

Paternal Grandfather: Lafever, Luke Gilliam - M 1885/03/14
Paternal Grandmother: Goff, America Alice (Lafever) - F 1891/07/17
Father: Lafever, Beecher Franklin - M 1919/11/24
Mother: Huntington, Jerry Avanelle (Lafever) - F 1925/07/21
Date of birth: 1949/06/06
Place of birth:

Primary profession or occupation:

Wife, Kathy, died heart attack age 65 - May 16, 2016

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Street Address: 57 Dobie Street
City, State, Zip: Tunnel Hill, GA 30755
Phone: .

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History of: Lafever, Gary Leroy

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