Lafever, Lonnie Oscar, - M 1917/06/29

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History of: Lafever, Lonnie Oscar
Family and Social Relationships of: Lafever, Lonnie Oscar
Ancestor and descendent family tree of: Lafever, Lonnie Oscar

Paternal Grandfather: Lafever, Asher - M 1850/11/14
Paternal Grandmother: Elrod, Canzada (Lafever) - F 1854/02/12
Father: Lafever, Luke Gilliam - M 1885/03/14
Mother: Goff, America Alice (Lafever) - F 1891/07/17
Maternal Grandfather: Goff, James M. -Jimmy- - M 1854/02/01
Maternal Grandmother: Bozarth, Mary Elizabeth "Betty" (Goff) - F 1871/06/18
Date of birth: 1917/06/29
Place of birth:
Date of death: 1942/11/01
Cause of death: US Navy ship sank off the coast of North Africa by German U boat.
Place of death: aboard ship - The George Thatcher
Place interred: North Africa American Cemetery & Memoria

Primary profession or occupation:

Killed when his ship sank off N. Africa in WW II

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Oscar Lafever during World War II

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History of: Lafever, Lonnie Oscar

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