Lawson, Homer, - M 1918/07/--

Social, Family, and Historical Relationships


History of: Lawson, Homer
Family and Social Relationships of: Lawson, Homer
Ancestor and descendent family tree of: Lawson, Homer

Paternal Grandfather: Lawson, George - M ----/--/--
Father: Lawson, William Lee "Red Eye Bill" - M 1877/04/22
Mother: Cook, Isa Lee (Lawson) - F 1884/03/31
Date of birth: 1918/07/--
Place of birth:
Spouse: McKinney, Lena (Lawson) "Skin" "Lena Rivers" - F 1917/04/07 - 1933/02/02 to ----/--/-- -

Children: 2


Grandchildren: 3


Primary profession or occupation:

Farmer & mechanic & State worker, fox hunter, Lincoln co KY

Important dates:


Physical Characteristics:


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History of: Lawson, Homer

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