Scheffer, Sarah Elizabeth - Beth- (Allison), - F 1963/05/14

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History of: Scheffer, Sarah Elizabeth - Beth- (Allison)
Family and Social Relationships of: Scheffer, Sarah Elizabeth - Beth- (Allison)
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Date of birth: 1963/05/14
Place of birth: Nashville, TN
Spouse: Allison, Donald Wayne - M 1954/04/20 - 1982/06/23 to ----/--/-- - Saint Thomas Aquinas Church, Cookeville, TN

Children: 1



Date of degree or last attended: 1985/--/--
Highest Grade or Degree: BS Secondary Education - math - MA Instructional Leadership - 2007
School: Tennessee Tech. University

Primary profession or occupation:

High School math teacher

Important dates:


Physical Characteristics:

Ht. 5' 5" Wt. Hair brown Eyes gray/brn Race white .


Street Address: .
City, State, Zip: .

Pictures and videos:

Beth Allison's family

Donald and Beth Allison


History of: Scheffer, Sarah Elizabeth - Beth- (Allison)

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