Allison, Denise Gale (Moore), - F 1957/05/23

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History of: Allison, Denise Gale (Moore)
Family and Social Relationships of: Allison, Denise Gale (Moore)
Ancestor and descendent family tree of: Allison, Denise Gale (Moore)

Paternal Grandfather: Allison, Charlie C. - M ----/--/--
Paternal Grandmother: Greene, Bertha Lee (Allison) - F ----/--/--
Father: Allison, Willie Clayburn - M 1923/07/15
Mother: Lafever, Alice Lorene (Allison) - F 1924/08/29
Maternal Grandfather: Lafever, Luke Gilliam - M 1885/03/14
Maternal Grandmother: Goff, America Alice (Lafever) - F 1891/07/17
Date of birth: 1957/05/23
Place of birth:
Spouse: Moore, James - M ----/--/-- - 1975/12/21 to ----/--/-- - Almyra Methodist Church, White County TN.

Children: 1


Primary profession or occupation:

Gift Shop Manager

Important dates:


Physical Characteristics:


Street Address: 1120 Love Lane
City, State, Zip: Summerton, SC 29148
Phone: 803 478-7635

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History of: Allison, Denise Gale (Moore)

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