Bristow, David Jesse, - M 1970/07/08

Social, Family, and Historical Relationships


History of: Bristow, David Jesse
Family and Social Relationships of: Bristow, David Jesse
Ancestor and descendent family tree of: Bristow, David Jesse

Paternal Grandfather: Bristow, Jesse Willard - M 1920/03/10
Paternal Grandmother: Lafever, Nora Linnie (Bristow) - F 1922/03/14
Father: Bristow, Roy Duane - M 1947/08/29
Mother: Harlan, Eva Pearl (Bristow) - F 1946/11/09
Maternal Grandfather: Harlan, Arthur - M 1905/09/13
Maternal Grandmother: Ewing, Annie (Harlan) - F 1908/03/11
Date of birth: 1970/07/08
Place of birth:
Spouse: Galbreath, Latisha Mona Lisa (Bristow) - F 1961/03/25 - 1992/05/28 to 2003/12/12 - Married in Danville, Boyle county, Kentucky

Children: 3


Grandchildren: 2



Date of degree or last attended: 1993/05/30
Highest Grade or Degree: Bachelor of Arts - English
School: Centre College - Danville, Kentucky

Primary profession or occupation:

Centre college grad, Gulf war vet., UPS, Pizza del. & others

Important dates:

1976/08/-- began elementary school at Rockholds Elementary in Whitley County, KY
1979/08/-- began 4th grade at Clinton County Elementary in Albany, Kentucky
1984/08/-- began high school at Clinton County High
1987/06/-- Governor's Scholar's Program at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky
1988/05/-- graduated Clinton County High School
1988/09/-- began college at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky
1991/01/15 Army Reserve Unit activated for the Persian Gulf War (Desert Storm) David spent three months training tankers at Fort Knox
1990/06/12 went to Brazil to spend 6 weeks in Baptist missionary work.
1989/06/-- spent 8 weeks in Army basic training at Fort Knox.
1993/05/30 graduated Centre College with a BA degree. Living in Danville and working for UPS and delivering Papa John's pizza.


 David has a step-son named Howard Anthony Cruz Jennings, Tisha's son before  
she and David married

Physical Characteristics:

Ht. Wt. Hair Eyes Race .


Street Address: .
City, State, Zip: .

Pictures and videos:

David Bristow 1989
David & Chris Bristow
The Bristow Family May 1992
The Bristow Family 1992
David and his mother in the year of his birth - 1970
Duane Bristow & Family - 1987
Eva Victoria and her family - 1994
Eva Victoria and her family - 1994
David and Tisha's wedding - 1992
David and Tisha's wedding - 1992
Five generations of David's family in the year of his birth - 1970
David & Tisha Bristow - beside the Cumberland River
David & Tisha on a magazine cover
David & Tisha
David Bristow
David Bristow at age 11
David Bristow in his Army Reserves uniform - 1989

David and Chris Bristow - 1984.

David Bristow - 1985.

David Bristow in 1975.

David Bristow in 1972.

David Bristow in 1971.

Father's Day


A phone call from David's dad to his grandpa Bristow in 1973

History of: Bristow, David Jesse

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