Ewing, Nettie Irene, - F 1900/02/29

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History of: Ewing, Nettie Irene
Family and Social Relationships of: Ewing, Nettie Irene
Ancestor and descendent family tree of: Ewing, Nettie Irene

Paternal Grandfather: Ewing, Jesse - M 1820/03/20
Paternal Grandmother: Wood, Mariba (Ewing) - F 1820/08/22
Father: Ewing, Robert Matthew - M 1859/09/14
Mother: Bagby, Mary (Ewing) "Mollie" - F 1861/--/--
Maternal Grandfather: Bagby, John Howard - M 1826/10/23
Maternal Grandmother: Smith, Sophia L. (Bagby) - F 1837/04/03
Date of birth: 1900/02/29
Place of birth:
Date of death: 1993/05/29
Cause of death: Danville, Boyle County, Kentucky
Place of death: Danville, Boyle County, Kentucky
Place interred: Peolia Cem - Clinton County KY

Primary profession or occupation:

Did great tatting

Important dates:


 Called (Net)  She was born a blue baby & was not expected to live.  She  
expected & got preferential treatment.  She was eccentric and never married  
but took great pride in being able to recall all her sibling's and their  
children's birthdays.  She was always supported by members of the family  until 
able to get Social Security.  Her brother, John, promised to keep her  always, 
in return for inheriting the Ewing farm at Albany, Ky.  He sold the  farm, 
moved to Akron, OH and only kept Nettie a few years. She went to a home.

Physical Characteristics:


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Letter to Nettie from her Aunt Jenny - 1942

Letter to Nettie from her aunt Jenny - 1942

Nettie Irene Ewing


History of: Ewing, Nettie Irene

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