Harlan, Arthur, - M 1905/09/13

Social, Family, and Historical Relationships


History of: Harlan, Arthur
Family and Social Relationships of: Harlan, Arthur
Ancestor and descendent family tree of: Harlan, Arthur

Paternal Grandfather: Harlan, George Washington - M 1860/11/11
Paternal Grandmother: Bowman, Martha (Harlan) - F 1863/12/03
Father: Harlan, John Thomas - M 1882/10/07
Mother: Griffin, Ada Ermon (Harlan) - F 1886/03/01
Maternal Grandfather: Griffin, John Henry - M 1850/06/25
Maternal Grandmother: Lee, Mary Emiline (Griffin) - F 1851/12/05
Date of birth: 1905/09/13
Place of birth:
Date of death: 1983/05/05
Cause of death: Heart Problems-Pneumonia Related to Old Age
Place of death: Albany, Ky.-Clinton Co. Hosp.
Place interred: Peolia Cemetery-Clinton Co. Kentucky
Spouse: Wood, Lillian P. (Huff, Harlan) - F 1899/--/-- - ----/--/-- to ----/--/-- -
Spouse: Ewing, Annie (Harlan) - F 1908/03/11 - 1925/10/19 to ----/--/-- -

Children: 7


Grandchildren: 19



Date of degree or last attended: ----/--/--
Highest Grade or Degree: Eighth Grade
School: Ewing--One-Room School in Clinton Co. Kentucky

Primary profession or occupation:

Farmer in Clinton County, Kentucky

Important dates:


 Arthur Harlan always had scars on his arms from falling into the top of a  
stove where his father was cooking moonshine out in the woods.  The stoves  
were usually hidden under a bluff and twigs were piled around the chimney so  
it couldn't be spotted.

Physical Characteristics:


Pictures and videos:

Arthur Harlan and Annie Ewing Harlan

Arthur Harlan's family - 1934

John Thomas and Arthur Harlan's families - 1934

Arthur Harlan and family - 1949

Arthur Harlan & his children after the death of his wife.


History of: Harlan, Arthur

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