Love, Tiffany Denise (Salyer), - F ----/--/--

Social, Family, and Historical Relationships


Ancestor and descendent family tree of: Love, Tiffany Denise (Salyer)

Paternal Grandfather: Love, Jimmie Goff - M 1932/02/10
Paternal Grandmother: Davis, Wilma Kathleen (Love) - F 1935/06/26
Father: Love, Billy Joe - M 1961/12/01
Mother: Alford, Sherri Ann (Love) - F ----/--/--
Date of birth: ----/--/--

Children: 3


Important dates:


Physical Characteristics:


Pictures and videos:

Tiffany Denise Love Salyer and her mother, Sherri Ann Alford Love

Tiffany Denise Love and her husband, Bobby Salyer

Tiffany's girls, Carrigan, Hayley, and Alana


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