how do you get paid on amazo

how do you get paid on amazo

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                           the life of jennings, colt ryne
2012/03/07 to ----/--/-- male no children age event
2012/--/-- -1 - 2012 aurora, colorado shooting.
2012/--/-- -1 - barack obama wins second term as president of the united states, defeating former massachusetts governor mitt romney.
2012/--/-- -1 - conflict begins in the central african republic.
2012/--/-- -1 - costa concordia disaster.
2012/--/-- -1 - diamond jubilee of elizabeth ii.
2012/--/-- -1 - israel launches operation pillar of defense against the palestinian-governed gaza strip.
2012/--/-- -1 - sandy hook elementary school shooting.
2012/--/-- -1 - shooting of trayvon martin: the 17-year-old african-american high school student was killed in sanford, florida.
2012/--/-- -1 - skydiver felix baumgartner becomes the first person to break the sound barrier without a vehicle.
2012/--/-- -1 - the 2012 summer olympics was hosted in london, united kingdom.
2012/--/-- -1 - the higgs boson is discovered.
2012/--/-- -1 - the us rover, curiosity, takes a selfie on mars.
2012/--/-- -1 - un climate change conference agrees to extend the kyoto protocol until 2020.
2012/--/-- -1 - vladimir putin is elected president of russia for the third time.
2012/--/-- -1 - xi jinping is elected as general secretary of the communist party of china.
2012/03/07 0 *** jennings, colt ryne - born to jennings, howard anthony cruz and trichell, misty (jennings) born at 7:50 pm in louisiana
2012/05/19 0 *** bristow, eva victoria [aunt] - graduated boyle county high school - danville, ky
2013/--/-- 0 - !dward snowden releases classified documents concerning mass surveillance by the nsa.
2013/--/-- 0 - !nd of 2012?013 cypriot financial crisis.
2013/--/-- 0 - a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in bohol, kills 222.
2013/--/-- 0 - a chemical attack in ghouta, syria is blamed on president bashar al-assad.
2013/--/-- 0 - conflict begins in south sudan.
2013/--/-- 0 - croatia becomes a member of the european union.
2013/--/-- 0 - pope benedict xvi resigns and pope francis is elected, becoming the first pope from latin america.
2013/--/-- 0 - president of egypt mohamed morsi is deposed by the military in a coup d'閠at. 2013/--/-- 0 - president of egypt mohamed morsi is deposed by the military in a coup d'閠at.
2013/--/-- 0 - terrorist attacks occur in boston and nairobi.
2013/--/-- 0 - the euromaidan protest begins in ukraine.
2013/--/-- 0 - the french military intervenes in the northern mali conflict.
2013/--/-- 0 - the rana plaza collapses in bangladesh.
2013/--/-- 0 - typhoon haiyan kills nearly 6,150 people in vietnam and the philippines.
2013/--/-- 0 - uruguay becomes the first country to fully legalize cannabis.
2013/05/24 1 *** bristow, maria caroline [aunt] - graduated boyle county high school - danville, kentucky
2014/--/-- 1 - !uromaidan protest in ukraine sparks a revolution and the overthrow of viktor yanukovych, leading to russia's annexation of crimea and the war in donbass.
2014/--/-- 1 - indonesia airasia flight 8501 crashes into the java sea, while malaysia airlines flight 17 is shot down over ukraine and air alg閞ie flight 5017 is down
in mali.
2014/--/-- 1 - a coup d'閠at in thailand overthrows the caretaker government.
2014/--/-- 1 - germany wins the 2014 world cup.
2014/--/-- 1 - isis begins its offensive in northern iraq, leading to intervention in iraq and syria by a us-led coalition.
2014/--/-- 1 - israel launches an assault on the gaza strip in response to tit-for-tat murder-kidnappings, leading to the deaths of 71 israelis and 2,100 palestinians.
2014/--/-- 1 - king juan carlos i of spain abdicates; his son becomes king felipe vi.
2014/--/-- 1 - malaysia airlines flight 370 disappears from radar while en route to beijing from kuala lumpur on march 8. there were 239 people on board.
2014/--/-- 1 - second libyan civil war begins.
2014/--/-- 1 - tehrik-i-taliban pakistan kill over 130 students in pakistan.
2014/--/-- 1 - the rosetta spacecraft's philae probe becomes the first to successfully land on a comet.
2014/--/-- 1 - the shooting of african-american teenager michael brown by police leads to violent unrest in ferguson, missouri.
2014/--/-- 1 - the worst ebola epidemic in recorded history occurs in west africa, infecting nearly 30,000 people and resulting in the deaths of 11,000+.
2014/01/01 1 *** lawson, patsy joe (bell, galbreath) [great grandmother] - died hospice - frankfort, kentucky cremated
2015/--/-- 2 - !uropean migrant crisis.
2015/--/-- 2 - 195 nations agree to lower carbon emissions.
2015/--/-- 2 - a series of earthquakes in the himalayas kills over 10,000 people.
2015/--/-- 2 - a series of terrorist attacks occur in paris.
2015/--/-- 2 - al-shabaab perpetrates a mass shooting in kenya, killing 148.
2015/--/-- 2 - boko haram perpetrates a massacre of over 2,000 people in baga, nigeria, and allies itself with isil.
2015/--/-- 2 - china announces the end of one-child policy after 35 years.
2015/--/-- 2 - first close-up images of ceres and pluto.
2015/--/-- 2 - five former soviet union countries form the eurasian economic union.
2015/--/-- 2 - liquid water is found on mars.
2015/--/-- 2 - the supreme court of the united states determines that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry.
2015/--/-- 2 - the death of african-american teenager freddie gray by police leads to violent unrest in baltimore, maryland.
2015/--/-- 2 - the heads of china and taiwan meet for the first time, while the united states and cuba resume diplomatic relations.
2016/--/-- 3 - a shooter kills 49 people at a gay nightclub in orlando, florida.
2016/--/-- 3 - detection of gravitational waves by ligo confirmed.
2016/--/-- 3 - donald trump wins the 2016 presidential election.
2016/--/-- 3 - isil claims responsibility for a series of bombings in brussels, a massacre at istanbul's atat黵k airport and car ramming attacks in nice and berlin.
2016/--/-- 3 - the colombian government signs a peace deal with farc despite losing a referendum.
2016/--/-- 3 - the gotthard base tunnel, the world's longest railway tunnel, is completed.
2016/--/-- 3 - the united nations lifts sanctions on iran in recognition of its dismantling of its nuclear program.
2016/--/-- 3 - the government of turkey begins a series of purges in reaction to a failed coup d'閠at attempt.
2016/--/-- 3 - the people of the united kingdom vote to leave the european union; theresa may becomes prime minister.
2017/--/-- 4 - 'oumuamua, the first known interstellar object, is identified.
2017/--/-- 4 - islamic state of iraq and the levant (isil) launch simultaneous attacks in tehran, destroy the great mosque of al-nuri in mosul iraq, and kill 311 in
egypt, but are declared defeated in iraq by the end of the year.
2017/--/-- 4 - this year's atlantic hurricane season features hurricane harvey, which kills 107 and becomes the costliest hurricane in us history, as well as hurrican
irma, killing 134, and hurricane maria, killing 3,059.
2017/--/-- 4 - the city of charlottesville is the site of a far-right rally protesting the removal of confederate statues throughout the us. during the event, a white
supremacist rams his car into a crowd of counter-protesters, injuring 19 and killing one.
2017/--/-- 4 - tensions between north korea and the un escalate as the country tests a hydrogen bomb and conducts a series of ballistic missile tests. the un responds
with a wave of export sanctions.
2017/--/-- 4 - allegations of sexual abuse against film producer harvey weinstein lead to a wave of similar accusations from within hollywood and other areas of primarily
the english-speaking world.
2017/--/-- 4 - 58 people are killed in a mass shooting in las vegas.
2017/--/-- 4 - a bombing in mogadishu, somalia on october 14, kills 587 people and injures 316. it is one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in modern history.
2017/--/-- 4 - a military operation targeting rohingya muslims in myanmar is declared ethnic cleansing by the unhcr.
2017/--/-- 4 - a terrorist bombing attack at an ariana grande concert in manchester, england kills 22 people and injures over 500.
2017/--/-- 4 - robert mugabe is ousted in a coup d'閠at, while ratko mladi? is declared guilty of genocide.
2018/--/-- 5 - !xiled washington post journalist jamal khashoggi is assassinated inside the saudi consulate in istanbul, triggering a diplomatic crisis for saudi arabia.
2018/--/-- 5 - 2018 armenian revolution occurs.
2018/--/-- 5 - china's national people's congress votes to abolish presidential term limits, allowing xi jinping to rule for life. xi is also the general secretary o
communist party of china, the highest position without term limits.
2018/--/-- 5 - first post-isis election in iraq.
2018/--/-- 5 - macedonia and greece reach a historic agreement in the macedonia naming dispute, in which the former is renamed in 2019 to the 'republic of north macedo
2018/--/-- 5 - march for our lives occurs in 900 locations worldwide in response to the parkland shooting.
2018/--/-- 5 - pakatan harapan becomes the first opposition party to assume power in malaysia since independence.
2018/--/-- 5 - the sunda strait tsunami kills 426 and injures 14,000 and the 2018 sulawesi earthquake and tsunami kills 4,340 and injures 10,700.
2018/--/-- 5 - the first monkeys are cloned, and first genetically modified humans reported, in china.
2018/--/-- 5 - the first summit between the us and north korea and the first ever crossing of the korean demilitarized zone by a north korean leader occur.
2018/--/-- 5 - turkey invades northern syria, while 70 die in a chemical attack, triggering a missile strike against bashar al-assad.
2018/--/-- 5 - twenty-year eritrean朎thiopian border conflict formally ends.
2018/--/-- 5 - yellow vests movement becomes france's largest sustained period of civil unrest since 1968.
2019/--/-- 6 - abdelaziz bouteflika resigns as president of algeria, while omar al-bashir is deposed as president of sudan in a coup d'閠at amid widespread protests in
both countries.
2019/--/-- 6 - a major fire engulfs notre-dame cathedral in paris, resulting in the roof and main spire collapsing.
2019/--/-- 6 - avengers: endgame was released in theaters, breaking many box-office records, including becoming the highest-grossing movies of all time.
2019/--/-- 6 - chang'e 4 becomes the first object to land on the far side of the moon.
2019/--/-- 6 - christchurch mosque shootings kill 51 people, while a suicide bombing in iran kills 41, and a series of bomb attacks in sri lanka kills 250.
2019/--/-- 6 - india revokes the special status of jammu and kashmir.
2019/--/-- 6 - isabelle holdaway is the first patient to receive a genetically modified phage therapy to treat a drug-resistant infection.
2019/--/-- 6 - nasa astronauts jessica meir and christina koch conducts the first all-female spacewalk outside of the iss.
2019/--/-- 6 - new horizons takes the first close up image of a classical kuiper belt object.
2019/--/-- 6 - pope francis abolishes pontifical secrecy in sex abuse cases.
2019/--/-- 6 - protests begin in hong kong over an extradition bill.
2019/--/-- 6 - the covid-19 pandemic begins in wuhan, china; the start of an ongoing global pandemic.
2019/--/-- 6 - the event horizon telescope takes the first ever image of a black hole, at the core of galaxy messier 87.
2019/--/-- 6 - the islamic state of iraq and the levant loses the last of its territory.
2019/--/-- 6 - the united states space force is announced by vice president mike pence and created in december.
2019/--/-- 6 - us president donald trump is impeached by the house of representatives for abuse of power and obstruction of congress.
2019/--/-- 6 - victor vescovo breaks the human depth record, reaching 10,928 m in the challenger deep.
2019/--/-- 6 - wildfires spike in brazil, while australia endures the most widespread brush fires in its history.
2020/--/-- 7 - 2020 nagorno-karabakh war between armenia and azerbaijan.
2020/--/-- 7 - china and india engage in border skirmishes, the largest escalation between the two powers in 50 years.
2020/--/-- 7 - china launches chang'e 5 and becomes the third country after the united states and the soviet union to return samples of the moon.
2020/--/-- 7 - china's national people's congress grants itself sweeping powers to curtail civil liberties in hong kong.
2020/--/-- 7 - crewed spaceflight resumes in the united states for the first time since 2011.
2020/--/-- 7 - cyclone amphan becomes the costliest cyclone ever recorded in the northern indian ocean.
2020/--/-- 7 - donald trump is acquitted by the united states senate in his first impeachment trial.
2020/--/-- 7 - fears of covid-19 cause the dow jones industrial average to fall ten percent in one week, its largest drop in history, triggering the coronavirus recession.
2020/--/-- 7 - new horizons provides the first close up images of a classical kuiper belt object.
2020/--/-- 7 - protests begin in bulgaria against the government of boyko borisov.
2020/--/-- 7 - qasem soleimani is targeted and killed at baghdad international airport.
2020/--/-- 7 - silurian millipede kampecaris obanensis, the oldest known land animal, is discovered in scotland.
2020/--/-- 7 - the covid-19 pandemic claims 1.8 million lives and infects at least 83 million people worldwide.
2020/--/-- 7 - the united kingdom formally withdraws from the european union.
2020/--/-- 7 - the united states formally exits the paris agreement on climate change.
2020/--/-- 7 - the united states signs a tentative peace agreement with the taliban.
2020/--/-- 7 - the killing of george floyd sparks protests across the united states and the world.
2021/02/20 8 *** record, zachary & bristow, maria caroline [aunt] - married married at a bed and breakfast

in 2012 transportation was by:
          car & bus
          diesel ship
          propeller airplane
          nuclear ship
          space travel

in 2012 communications was by:
          word of mouth
          post office
          im, text message
          facebook, twitter
by 2021 communications by:
          post office
had been discontinued.

in 2012 food preparation was by:
          dish washer
          garbage disposal

in 2012 entertainment was by:
          social intercourse
          organized sports
          professional sports
          theme parks

in 2012 health care was by:

in 2012 war making was by:
          machine guns
          assault rifle
          iron clad ships
          chemical agents
          biological agents
          atomic bomb

in 2012 navigation was by:
          stars & maps
          radio signals
          global positioning

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