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                               the life of ewing, james
1815/01/-- to 1819/10/08 male no children age event
1815/--/-- -1 - french monarchy re-established
1815/--/-- -1 - napoleon escapes from elba and marches on paris during the hundred days.
1815/--/-- -1 - napoleon is defeated at the battle of waterloo; he is exiled to the island of saint helena.
1815/--/-- -1 - the americans defeat the british at new orleans before news of peace arrives.
1815/--/-- -1 - the barbary states sue for peace with the u.s.
1815/--/-- -1 - the spanish army reconquers venezuela; bolivar flees to jamaica.
1815/--/-- -1 - the spanish capture and execute the mexican rebel leader morelos y pavon.
1815/--/-- -1 - the first gurkha regiment is formed by the british army.
1815/--/-- -1 - war of 1812 ends
1815/01/-- 0 *** ewing, james - born to ewing, matthew and hollin, eliza ann (ewing)
1816/--/-- 0 - gioacchino rossini's opera the barber of seville is performed in rome.
1816/--/-- 0 - indiana is inaugurated as the 19th state of the union.
1816/--/-- 0 - maria i of portugal dies; she is succeeded by john vi who remains in exile in brazil.
1816/--/-- 0 - nepal is made a protectorate of british india.
1816/--/-- 0 - shaka begins establishing the zulu empire in south africa.
1816/--/-- 0 - the british museum buys the elgin marbles (smuggled from greece by lord elgin).
1816/--/-- 0 - the united provinces of the rio de la plata (argentina) declare independence.
1817/--/-- 1 - construction begins on erie canal in new york
1817/--/-- 1 - construction of the erie canal begins in new york state.
1817/--/-- 1 - first seminole war
1817/--/-- 1 - french physician rene laennec invents the stethoscope.
1817/--/-- 1 - james monroe (democratic republican) becomes president of the united states
1817/--/-- 1 - jose de san martin and bernardo o'higgins defeat the spanish in chile.
1817/--/-- 1 - mississippi is inaugurated as the 20th state of the union.
1817/--/-- 1 - monroe is inaugurated as the 5th u.s. president; tompkins becomes vice-president.
1817/--/-- 1 - sir walter scott writes the scottish adventure novel rob roy.
1817/02/08 2 *** ewing, sally [sister] - born to ewing, matthew and hollin, eliza ann (ewing)
1818/--/-- 2 - arthur schopenhauer publishes the world as will and representation.
1818/--/-- 2 - bernardo o'higgins becomes the supreme director of independent chile.
1818/--/-- 2 - composer franz schubert becomes the music teacher to count esterhazy's family.
1818/--/-- 2 - english chemist sir humphry davy invents the miner's safety lamp.
1818/--/-- 2 - illinois is inaugurated as the 21st state of the union.
1818/--/-- 2 - john keats "endymion"
1818/--/-- 2 - mary wollstonecroft shelley publishes the horror novel frankenstein.
1818/--/-- 2 - sir john ross sails in search of the northwest passage.
1818/--/-- 2 - thomas love peacock publishes his comic novel nightmare abbey.
1818/--/-- 2 - treaty with britain sets 49th parallel
1819/--/-- 3 - alabama is inaugurated as the 22nd state of the union.
1819/--/-- 3 - american artist washington allston paints moonlit landscape.
1819/--/-- 3 - bolivar defeats the spanish in colombia at the battle of boyaca.
1819/--/-- 3 - lord byron begins his satirical poem don juan. 1819/--/-- 3 - lord byron begins his satirical poem don juan.
1819/--/-- 3 - sir thomas stamford raffles acquires singapore for the east india company.
1819/--/-- 3 - spain surrenders east and west florida to the u.s. in the adams-onis treaty.
1819/--/-- 3 - the prado museum is inaugurated in madrid.
1819/--/-- 3 - the savannah becomes the first steamship to cross the atlantic.
1819/--/-- 3 - treaty with spain sets boundaries
1819/10/08 4 *** ewing, james - died

in 1815 transportation was by:

in 1815 transportation was by:
          sailing ship

in 1815 communications was by:
          word of mouth
          post office

in 1815 food preparation was by:

in 1815 entertainment was by:
          social intercourse
          organized sports
          professional sports
          theme parks

in 1815 health care was by:

in 1815 war making was by:

in 1815 navigation was by:
          stars & maps

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