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                              the life of ewing, william
1808/11/16 to 1809/01/25 male no children age event
1808/--/-- -1 - beethoven composes "fifth symphony"
1808/--/-- -1 - congress prohibits importing of african slaves
1808/--/-- -1 - francisco de goya paints the third of may, depicting the cruelty of war.
1808/--/-- -1 - french chemist joseph louis gay-lussac isolates the element boron.
1808/--/-- -1 - german artist caspar david friedrich exhibits the cross in the mountains.
1808/--/-- -1 - japanese artist buncho paints true view of mount hiko.
1808/--/-- -1 - john jacob astor founds the american fur company.
1808/--/-- -1 - napoleon appoints his brother joseph as king of spain.
1808/--/-- -1 - napoleon occupys spain
1808/--/-- -1 - the british under wellington aid portugal against france in the peninsular war.
1808/11/16 0 *** ewing, william - born to ewing, matthew and hollin, eliza ann (ewing)
1809/--/-- 0 - frenchman nicolas appert develops the first effective method for canning food.
1809/--/-- 0 - german artists overbeck and pforr found the nazarenes.
1809/--/-- 0 - james madison (democratic republican) becomes president of the united states
1809/--/-- 0 - john stevens' steamboat the phoenix makes the first ocean-going voyage.
1809/--/-- 0 - lamarck publishes his theories of evolution in zoological philosophy.
1809/--/-- 0 - metternich draws austria into the war of the fifth coalition against france.
1809/--/-- 0 - napoleon annexes the papal states and takes pope pius vii prisoner.
1809/--/-- 0 - russia seizes finland from sweden; king gustav iv adolf abdicates.
1809/--/-- 0 - the french defeat the austrians at wagram; francis ii accepts the treaty of schonbrunn.
1809/01/25 0 *** ewing, william - died

in 1808 transportation was by:

          sailing ship



in 1808 communications was by:

          word of mouth

          post office

in 1808 food preparation was by:


in 1808 entertainment was by:

          social intercourse

          organized sports


          professional sports




          theme parks

          theme parks

in 1808 health care was by:

in 1808 war making was by:

in 1808 navigation was by:
          stars & maps

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