Big Data - The Ultimate Database.

The universe consists of objects with properties and of events which are things that happen, interactions, among objects and energy to change the properties of objects. Properties of objects include such things as locations in time and space, scale or size class, type, relationships with other objects, physical attributes and others.

Linked databases should be structured to encompass all this information and to be queried to produce reports from all possible perspectives including the ability to filter the database, sort the results, and format the resulting report including what properties to include and/or exclude. The filtering process would include the ability to include or exclude a range of each property. It could also include ranges of objects in ranges of time and space.

Examples of such reports:

As an example of objects in the people database, I am an object of organic type, specifically Homo Sapiens which is composed of a symbiotic relationship of trillions of individual organic cells. I am of the scale of normal on earth as opposed to micro or macro or any one of a set of relative scale designations. My properties include my physical location in the universe such as my geographical coordinates on the planet called Earth and a time at which these properties are true such as July 2, 2014 at 6:01:33 am. I am of a specific sex, height, color, weight, and appearance. I have specific genetic and social, including emotional relationships with other specified objects and other types of relationships such as ownership or proximity or power (wealth, strength, intelligence, charisma) or others.

Events happen which change these properties. One event that happens always is that the time increments. My location in space may change as time increments. My color or my emotional relationship with others may change. I may buy or sell land or spend money which will affect my financial status. My health may deteriorate. I may be killed. I may kill another.

So at each specific instance of time different objects may exist or the properties of existing objects may be different.

Algorithms can be developed to search the database for previously unknown or unsuspected relationships and coorelations.

My Social, Family and Historical Relations computer program can be expanded, not only to medical and financial and DNA databases, but to property ownership and locations over time. This would include translating all land deeds, wills, etc. into the database. Land deeds would also have to be converted to geographical coordinates.

Last revised 07/05/14.